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Feb 27th - Payouts Limited to Once Every 24h

Our servers are struggling to keep up with the payouts. To keep the wait times for initiated payouts lower, we have decided to limit the payout frequency to one payout per address per 24h. Thank you for understanding.

What is Nano? Where can I get a Wallet?

Nano is a Cryptocurrency that specialises in instant, feeless transactions. Nano has been previously know as RaiBlocks. You can get a Wallet on nanowallet.io or from nano.org.

I thought Nano are not mineable?

Yes, you can't mine Nano. Instead, you're mining Monero here. We just convert the mined Monero and do all payouts in Nano.

Why Nano?

Nano has no transaction fees. This makes it perfect for small payouts.

You can see all our payments on nano.org.

What is uXRB?

Nano's ticker code is XRB. 1 uXRB = 0.000001 XRB.

Why do I have to disable my adblocker?

Many adblockers and even some antiviruses block any mining scripts because they have been misused by many websites. To mine Nano here, you have to unblock the miner.


If you have questions, please contact us at @nano-miner.com.